We offer a wide variety of services, and regardless of your need, you can be sure we will always meet your expectations.

Our primary focus is on the application and removal of coatings; the protection and rehabilitation of concrete structures; and the maintenance and cleaning of industrial and municipal facilities. Although we specialize in these specific areas, we are a licensed general and utility contractor and provide a wide array of services beyond the services listed.

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Waste Water Treatment plant

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Using the latest technologies, we can rehabilitate any manhole, lift station, or similar structure regardless of location or existing condition. Our services save our customers money by stopping infiltration and corrosion. With tens of thousands of structures rehabilitated and experience with every rehabilitation technique on the market, we can always get the job done right.

Industrial Coatings & Surface Preparation

Our services go beyond aesthetics and provide long lasting and functional coatings systems. We view coatings as an integrated part of the performance of equipment and structures. Working with the top manufacturers, we can determine the correct system to fulfill your needs. Our experience provides us with the know how to perform quality applications consistently and on schedule. You can depend on us for all your needs.

Facility Maintenance & Industrial Cleaning

All commercial and industrial facilities require periodic maintenance to keep them performing well, and that performance goes beyond just the operation of the machinery to include other attributes like appearance and cleanliness. While appearance in some cases may not impact the actual performance of a facility or its machinery, it can have a large impact on the level of professionalism and quality that is perceived by employees and more importantly current and potential clients. At retail locations a clean and friendly environment is needed to welcome potential customers. At industrial facilities a pleasing appearance can reassure your clients and the general public of your commitment to environmental safety and quality. Clean facilities are absolutely essential to anywhere food is produced, processed or served. Clean structures are also typically safer and more efficient. We have a wide range of equipment and technologies that allow us to perform the necessary work while keeping your down time to a minimum. Whether it is routine service, longterm overhauls, or emergency repair that is required, you can depend on us to keep your structures, facilities, and equipment looking professional, hygienic, and efficient.