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Mechanical Jobbers now has a blog. Here we plan to post updates about the company, projects, and industry related articles. Our articles should include informative posts related to infrastructure rehabilitation, coatings, and construction in general. It will be a fairly random mix with writing from several members of our office staff. We plan to have multiple posts per month as a start and build up to more as time goes on. We welcome any suggestions on subjects for future posts and questions that we can answer.

MJM Volumetric Cement TruckOverall our blog is here to educate others about what we do. We hope all of our readers learn something new or give them a better understanding about what we do. Infrastructure rehabilitation is still a fairly young industry and there are a lot of misconceptions, myths and general bad information out there. We look forward to debunking the bad information. The coatings industry is also a bit of a black art at times and in many projects a secondary concern. We hope to provide some insights on coatings and how they are important for almost every industry.

In the future we might make some changes to the format of the blog and follow a posting schedule, but we need readers first. Be sure to join our mailing list and return frequently for updates. The more readers we have the more we will post.

A little about the company…

Mechanical Jobbers was founded in 1976 in Lithonia, Georgia and has remained in the area. Originally just a abrasive blasting and coatings company serving the Atlanta area it has expanded operations to encompass so much more. Today Mechanical Jobbers is a multi-state licensed general contractor and utility contractor. Although a general contractor we generally specialize in infrastructure rehabilitation, utility adjustments, industrial coatings, and abrasive blasting. Mechanical Jobbers operates crews daily in the southeast and midwest and can mobilize crews throughout the country.

Check back soon for our next post.